Fermented Turmeric

Where to buy Fermented Turmeric in Australia

You must have heard a lot of great things about Turmeric already. There are a few ways to get the benefits of turmeric from Capsules, Latte blends and Fermented turmeric. It is also becoming more and more popular nowadays in Australia and around the world. Now you might be one of those who does not know why Turmeric has become so popular all of a sudden. Therefore we would like to enlighten you about the health benefits of Turmeric. There is a presence of organic compound in turmeric named as Curcumin derived from its compound name of “Curcuminoid”. This ingredient is single-handedly responsible for giving most of the health benefits that are found in Turmeric.

Now, it is also understood that Turmeric which has a high amount of Curcumin is the best for consumption. It is said that Turmeric extract has a Curcumin level of 95% whereas Turmeric powder may have Curcumin level of just over 3%. Therefore you can guess that taking Turmeric extracts in form of supplements or capsules is better. But there are always those who prefer to take Turmeric powder with milk or in their food instead of taking capsules which is proven to be beneficial as well.

There is also one other type of Turmeric product which is as beneficial in the same way as Turmeric powder or Turmeric Capsule. This type of Turmeric is known as Fermented Turmeric and is easily available in Australia. To tell you more about Fermented Turmeric you need to understand some facts about your body. You might have found many people who are suffering from the problem of indigestion, poor gut health or inflammation. This is basically because we might have consumed something that did not suit our body.

But the main reason for this problem in our body is deeper than you would have thought. The real reason is that our body does not have enough of good bacteria to fight the bad ones. To tell you more about bacteria, each and every person’s body contains two types of bacteria. The one which is useful for the body known as good bacteria and the other which is harmful to the body known as bad bacteria.

The presence of good bacteria in our body fights off diseases and helps digest the food in our body whereas the bad bacteria does the exact opposite. So if the amount of bad bacteria in our body increases then we start getting affected by inflammation and bad gut health.

Now the good bacteria in our body is also named as probiotics which you must have heard about. This probiotics are available in the market as well which people consume on a daily basis for better health of their gut. Thus you will be delighted to know that Health2All also manufactures Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap which is an excellent probiotic for your health. Our Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap 100% natural and manufactured in Queensland.

The process of manufacturing any type of Turmeric is key in reaping the maximum benefits out of it. Therefore it goes without saying that we have maintained the utmost quality while manufacturing our Fermented Turmeric. We are glad to inform you that our Heath2All Fermented Turmeric is manufactured in a organic certified laboratory under the code of GMP.

On the other hand there is always the question of ingredients present inside our Fermented Turmeric. Now it is fair to say that Fermented Turmeric has to have the maximum benefits in terms of probiotics. This is exactly the case with Health2All’s Fermented Turmeric as it contains Lactobacillus probiotics. Lactobacillus probiotic is known to be a very good probiotic if you take it regularly. Lactobacillus is used for skin diseases, diarrhoea as well as boosting cholesterol levels and immune systems of the body. As mentioned earlier, this is a type of good bacteria due to its benefits to the body which is also termed as a “friendly” one.

Now we would also like to inform that same as Curcumin levels, probiotic levels in Fermented Turmeric is also equally important. So, Health2All’s Fermented Turmeric contains 4500mg’s of turmeric per 10 ml of Elixir Zap which is a good amount of Turmeric to consume daily.

Turmeric research

What research has been done on Turmeric for humans?

There has been a lot of turmeric research done world wide. Turmeric is nowadays seen in so many food item found in restaurants, shops and even at home. You must have come across various menus in hotels having “Golden Latte” and other Turmeric items. Now Golden Latte is named Golden due to the fact that Turmeric is mixed inside of the latte along with other ingredients. Apart from the yellow colour Turmeric is also added to give health benefits as well. Also Turmeric is added to warm milk as well and consumed every day which is proven to give benefits as well. However we would like to tell you about the benefits of Turmeric by showing you the research that has been done on Turmeric as well.

First of all, we would like to reiterate that there are various health and other benefits of consuming Turmeric daily. For starters Turmeric is known to be a very good herb when someone has an internal or external wound. This is because Turmeric is known to be a very good healing ingredient. In the ancient times Turmeric was applied on wounds in order to heal them quicker. This is also because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidatory properties of Turmeric.

According to turmeric research conducted on Turmeric it is found to be a health booster as well. It was concluded from the research that if you take one teaspoon of turmeric in powder or supplement form regularly then you are bound to get the benefits.

On the other hand, there are some health benefits of using Turmeric according to tests conducted by experts. One such test has found results which suggest that Turmeric is a herb which reduces blood pressure levels so it is recommended for patients who have high blood pressure levels to reduce it. Turmeric can also reduce blood sugar levels in the body as well so if you are a patient having diabetes then you should look at using Turmeric daily either directly or by adding it to your meal.

There was a study (turmeric research) conducted in 2006 on the people of Singapore and their usage of Turmeric. It was found out that Singaporeans who ate more curry had less cognitive decline. From this study one key ingredient of Turmeric which was found out named as Curcumin. This ingredient is present inside Turmeric from a compound called “Curcuminoid”. This compound is produced organically by plants. Now, Curcumin is already known to be the key ingredient which is helpful in giving all the benefits of Turmeric.

Some other turmeric research was also conducted on a group of people who were consuming Turmeric and also had cholesterol. After the research it was found out that Turmeric consumption by them reduced their cholesterol levels to a great extent over a period of 4-weeks of regular consumption. This should be enough to ascertain you that Turmeric is a very good herb for reducing cholesterol too.

Also there had been a long standing debate about whether Turmeric is a brain booster or not. Therefore to end the debate scientists conducted turmeric research to know whether or not Turmeric is a brain booster. The researchers conducting the test took 80 people in the age group between 60 and 70 years of age. Then they were given Curcumin supplements over a period of time till the tests were completed.

Once the research got concluded it was found out that Turmeric or Curcumin supplements given to them really helped their brains getting boosted. After the 4-week test period these people taking Curcumin supplements had a significantly better working memory and also had an improvement in their mood from their earlier state.

Therefore there are evidences and tests which suggest that Turmeric is certainly beneficial for health. However researchers have also warned about taking Turmeric in proper proportions as well. This basically means that you should not undertake Turmeric or overtake Turmeric too. If you are having a teaspoon of Turmeric with a glass of warm milk then it is enough but you should not have it more than twice a day. On the hindsight, a certain amount of Turmeric needs to be taken by you as well so that the minimum Curcumin levels in your body are maintained.

Health2all have a great range of 100% natural turmeric products all of which have been manufactures in Australia.

How to use Turmeric

How to use Turmeric?

Turmeric is a very essential as well as beneficial herb many people often wonder how to use turmeric? We have known that there are various benefits of using Turmeric. The most obvious advantage of using Turmeric is that it adds flavour as well as colour to our food. The other benefit of using Turmeric is that it is a crucial ingredient giving various health benefits. As far as the health benefits of Turmeric are concerned, they are scientifically proven as well.

Apart from that we know that Turmeric comes with a very crucial ingredient known as Curcumin. This is derived from a compound named as “Curcuminoid”. Now even though it is a chemical found in Turmeric, it is produced naturally by certain plants only so it is still very healthy. Talking briefly about some of the benefits of using Turmeric or Curcumin. We should tell you that it reduces blood pressure also, it is known to reduce blood sugar levels in our body as well. Moreover Curcumin is known to eradicate various diseases as well.

How to use turmeric? You may have heard that people in the ancient times used Turmeric to apply on open wounds. Now you must be thinking that it was silly of them to not use proper medication. However you would be surprised to know that they were actually very clever. This is because Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory in nature. This means it can reduce clotting as well due to the cur cumin compound found in turmeric. Now if you apply Turmeric on your wounds then it helps massively in reducing pain as well as heals the wounds very quickly too.

To add to this you must have heard of people taking Turmeric with warm milk as well? This is because it increases metabolism and also improves digestion. Now Turmeric is also helpful to remove blood clotting in our body so as to reduce blockages and remove the free radicals in the body.

One thing to note is that Turmeric is not just Turmeric it must taken of good quality. First of all you should know that Turmeric powder has about 3% – 5% of Curcumin in it whereas Turmeric extract contains up to 95% of Curcumin. Therefore it is advised to take Turmeric extract or Health2All Turmeric Capsules or Turmeric 4You powder as it is high in curcumin rather than cheap Turmeric powder.

How to use Turmeric? It is also very important that Turmeric powder is blended properly to extract the best benefits out of it. You will therefore be excited to note that Health2All blends the Turmeric powder extremely well in an organic certified laboratory in SE QLD. Health2All Turmeric powder has prepared a blend of Turmeric, MCT Coconut Oil and Black Pepper with a consumption of 2000% or 20 times of its competition. This means that you get the maximum benefits of Turmeric as well as Coconut Oil and Black Pepper.

Also we mentioned earlier about using Turmeric extract rather than Turmeric powder. Therefore, Health2All produces Curcumin extracts as well. Health2All’s Capsules 2Go Curcumin extracts are 100% natural. We advise you to take this extract once a day to get the maximum benefits out of it.

On the other hand, you can get benefits from Turmeric powder as well. For this, you should use Health2All’s Turmeric4You Organic Turmeric powder. This powder should be consumed by you daily for getting the benefits of Turmeric and the Curcumin inside it. So how to use Turmeric powder?  it can be used by you in Juice, water, warm milk or should be added to your meal. If you are adding the Turmeric powder to warm milk, you should add a teaspoon to your milk and consume it daily.

Turmeric Elixir Zap is another great product from Heath2All. We mentioned earlier that increase in metabolism is a proven benefit of Turmeric. Turmeric consumption improves gut health. Turmeric Elixir Zap is rich in probiotics for improving your gut health. Therefore we introduce to you our very own Turmeric Elixir Zap.

This is a product from Health2All which is extremely rich in probiotics. Now you would already know that probiotics is very good in improving health of your gut. This helps in digestion of your body and your appetite will increase as well. To tell you more about Turmeric Elixir Zap, it is an extract which needs to be taken in small portions. Our Turmeric Elixir Zap should be taken 10mls per day only and not any more than that. Therefore, Turmeric is a proven herb for health benefits and it definitely gives results if consumed properly.

High potency turmeric capsules in Australia

High potency turmeric capsules in Australia

We have been telling you about the benefits of Turmeric and what you can gain from consuming it daily. So should you be using turmeric powder or a high potency turmeric capsule? Also you must have noticed that Turmeric is starting to be used in everything around you and there are proven benefits of it as well. It is interesting to note that Turmeric is not just believed to be beneficial, it is indeed beneficial. This is because there have been various tests conducted on Turmeric and its benefits regarding health. Nowadays people are using Turmeric to make Golden Latte as well as using it in other food items. However the best advisable way is to take a teaspoon of Turmeric in warm milk and at least once a day
On the other side, there is always the question whether the Turmeric you are taking is actually beneficial or not. This question usually arises whenever we are not getting the benefits that are expected out of its consumption. If you are feeling this way then you must check for the authenticity of the Turmeric you are taking. First of all check the levels of Curcumin that are present in the Turmeric that you are consuming daily.

Curcumin is a very essential ingredient found in Turmeric and is single-handedly responsible for most of the benefits of Turmeric. Although Turmeric is most advantageous if the Curcumin levels inside of it are high as well.

To begin with, an average portion of 100 grams of Turmeric powder has about 3 grams of Curcumin. On the other hand one Turmeric capsule consisting of 100 grams of Turmeric has about 95 grams of Curcumin which means that it is way more powerful than taking Turmeric powder. Thus we would always recommend you to take Turmeric Capsules rather than Turmeric powder whenever possible.

On the aspect of taking Turmeric Capsules, you will be pleased to know that Health2All produces extremely high quality Turmeric Capsules. Health2All produces high potency Turmeric Capsules in Australia which will definitely benefit you if taken regularly.

Talking about the any Turmeric Capsules you must see the composition of those capsules. It is to be noted that Turmeric is a herb which should be taken after or along with a meal so that the absorption power of Turmeric increases massively. Therefore you should see if there is a proper amount of filler along with Turmeric in the Turmeric Capsules that you are taking.

If you are taking Health2All Turmeric Capsules, you need not worry about composition of our Capsules. This is because we blend our Capsules under proper guidance and in a clinically tested and certified laboratory. Moreover our Turmeric Capsules are blended along with MCT Coconut Oil and Black Pepper which are added as fillers along with Turmeric so that the absorption power of Turmeric increases massively.

You should also note that the Curcumin used in the Health2All Turmeric Capsules is of the highest quality available. We use the C3 Complex Curcumin Extract which is proven to be the best. It also goes without saying that Health2All Turmeric Capsules are 100% Natural too. Also they are vegetable capsules or Vege Capsules so if you are following an entirely vegan diet then also you can consume this capsules with ease.

One fact that you would be particularly interested is about what is the exact amount of Turmeric that you are consuming if you take our Turmeric Capsules. We know that you must be itching to know the answer to this question. Well Health2All Turmeric Capsules are equivalent of taking 13000 mg of Turmeric so basically you are taking this much amount of Turmeric in your body in a single day without any hassle. On the other hand there is the question of the amount of Curcumin as well. We have got that answer for you as well. So if you take a portion of Health2All’s high potency Turmeric Capsules than you are basically taking about 3800 mg of Curcumin. To put this into perspective this amount of Curcumin is more or less equal to taking approximately 100 g of Turmeric. This reinforces what we have already said before about Turmeric Capsules from Health2All and their benefits. Now, you must have understood why high potency Turmeric Capsules are much more beneficial to be taken instead of Turmeric powder.

Cheap Turmeric Supplements in Australia

Cheap Turmeric Supplements In Australia

By the time you are reading this article, you must have heard a lot of things about Turmeric. More so it is to be said that Turmeric has extremely good health benefits. Apart from that there is not much to dislike about Turmeric and its consumption. Also you must have researched about whether you should take Turmeric or not. The simple answer we can give to that question is Yes, you should take Turmeric daily or regularly if not possible daily. So below in some information on why you shouldn’t buy cheap turmeric supplements in Australia.

Apart from that there is one other aspect of consuming Turmeric. It is the aspect of whether you should prefer Turmeric powder or Turmeric Supplements such as Turmeric Capsules. Therefore we are here to tell you more on that aspect. First of all we would like to mention that it is scientifically proven that Turmeric extracts/supplements/capsules have more benefits than Turmeric powder. Talking about more benefits it is to be noted that Turmeric Capsules or Supplements can be 30x better than Turmeric powder on its own. But there is always the option of taking Turmeric powder for people who are not comfortable with Turmeric Capsules.

Adding to the scientifically proven aspect of Turmeric Capsules being better than Turmeric powder, we would like to back it up with some data. It has been tested by various organisations that 100grams of Turmeric powder has 3grams of Curcumin. Now, you must be thinking what Curcumin is? Curcumin is the most important compound found in Turmeric which gives most benefits of Turmeric and if it is removed from Turmeric then it is of no use.

This compound was found in Turmeric from a chemical compound named as “Curcuminoid”. However this compound is organically derived from plants so it is totally natural without minimal side effects. Coming back to the amount of Curcumin in Turmeric, we must note the amount of Turmeric found in Supplements. You will be pleasantly surprised to read that 100grams of Turmeric Capsules has 90+ grams of Curcumin in it. There is a saying that Turmeric is as beneficial as the amount of Curcumin inside it. So, it is basically proven that some Turmeric Capsules are way better than most Turmeric powders.

Now there is always the fear of being mislead and not using Turmeric extracts which are organic and naturally produced. Therefore we are here to tell you why you shouldn’t buy cheap turmeric. First of all there are various factors that go into making of Turmeric. One of those factors is the blending process of Turmeric which needs to be done in a proper way so that the maximum benefits out of Turmeric can be had after its consumption.

But if you take Cheap Turmeric and if it is not blended properly which is the common factor than you will do more than harm then benefits to your body. This is because Turmeric is a herb which is not beneficial at all if not blended properly and in proper proportions. Cheap Turmeric supplements in Australia are full of fillers and nasties. We at Health2All have been instrumental in blending Turmeric to its maximum benefits possible. Our Turmeric blend is prepared by mixing MCT Coconut Oil and Black Pepper along with Turmeric which has about 95% of Curcumin inside of it. As you might recall, the more the Curcumin the better the Turmeric is. On the other hand, Cheap Turmeric is most definitely low in Curcumin levels as it is not blended properly. Turmeric is not soluble it is fat soluble hence why Health2all add MCT Coconut oil.

Apart from that Cheap Turmeric supplements in Australia are not 100% Natural and there are always some sort of artificial ingredients added to it which are available for cheap but not beneficial to health and degrade the quality of Turmeric. Also, Cheap Turmeric is often found full of fillers. Talking about fillers, they are the things found in Turmeric Capsules or Powder apart from Turmeric itself. Now to get the maximum benefits out of Turmeric consumption you obviously want to have most of it filled with Turmeric but if the fillers are more in the substance rather than Turmeric than its effect decreases. On the other hand, you will find that Heath2All’s Turmeric powder or Turmeric Capsules have the highest level of Curcumin as well as they offer the highest grade/quality of Turmeric all over Australia. Thus we hope that you understood why you should not buy Cheap Turmeric Supplements in Australia or powder and also the fact that you should always check for Curcumin levels inside Turmeric before buying. We recommend staying clear on compressed turmeric tablets like the ones in the feature image due to the fillers used in turmeric tablets.