5 of the best ways to use turmeric for benefits

5 Of The Best Ways To Use Turmeric

Turmeric is one of those ingredients in your food which gives you flavour, colour. So in this article you will find 5 of the best ways to use turmeric. Some would argue that Turmeric is bitter in taste and also very savoury but there are benefits of Turmeric which are not available from any other herb in the world. To tell you briefly about some of the benefits of Turmeric, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and possesses various other properties as well. This means that Turmeric can be used whenever someone has a problem with inflammation.

Moreover there are various uses of Turmeric found in ancient history as well. Most notable use of Turmeric was by the people in the medieval age. Basically the people in ancient times used Turmeric as a paste and applied it to wounds directly to heal them fast. Also you will be glad to know that it works even today as well. Here the anti-inflammatory properties come into effect and are very handy. Turmeric is also used for people having high blood pressure and blood sugar levels too as it reduces those levels in an effective manner. Therefore we are here to tell you about 5 of the best ways that you can use Turmeric.

The first thing that you can do with Turmeric is make a latte which is tasty and will give you benefits as Turmeric is added to it. So Health2All has a Turmeric 4You Latte powder blend which you can use. Our Turmeric4You Latte Blend powder is 100% natural and organic where possible, tasty and extremely health at the same time. Apart from Turmeric our Latte Blend powder contains other ingredients as well so it is not just beneficial for you but delicious as well.

If Turmeric consumption is not your thing and you would be thinking about the other ways to consume Turmeric then we have you covered here as well. Basically, you can take Health2All’s high potency Turmeric Capsules 2Go. It is a known fact that Turmeric Capsules are much more beneficial to take rather than Turmeric powder. Turmeric Capsules have 95% of Curcumin levels whereas some Turmeric powder has only 3% of Curcumin levels. Health2all use an organic powder with a minimum of 5% curcumin.

On the other hand, there is always the use of Turmeric in Fermented manner as well. Health2All’s Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap is very beneficial in this regard. Fermented Turmeric contains probiotics which is taken by people for having a health gut and to solve the problem of inflammation as well as indigestion. Now Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap tastes delicious so you can consume it directly. Or we have an idea for you regarding this as well. You can add this probiotic Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap in your juices, Lattes, smoothies the list goes on. This means that you will be enjoying your daily morning juice whereas the Fermented Turmeric added inside of it will do its job very well.

Apart from that, there is always the option for you to consume Turmeric powder directly. For this, we would recommend you to take Health2All’s Turmeric4You powder. This Turmeric powder is 100% natural and organic where possible. Turmeric4You powder is also blended very well along with MCT Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, Paw Paw extract, Cinnamon, Ginger, Green Tea, Stevia and Ascorbic Magnesium. So not only do you get the maximum benefits out of the turmeric you get all the 9 ingredients. Basically, you can add this Turmeric4You powder to your regular meals and you will not even know but the Turmeric will do its job very nicely. There are various health benefits of Turmeric that can be had by taking your daily meals.

Finally, you can make Turmeric tea from the Turmeric 4You powder as well which is equally beneficial for your body. However, it is fair to say that this option is the least delicious out of all the other options that we have mentioned above. But If none of the above options suit you and you need to take Turmeric daily then Turmeric tea is the best option.

To sum everything up, we must tell you that Turmeric is the healthiest herb that you will come across and it is utmost beneficial for your body’s overall health. Therefore, we recommend you to take Turmeric daily or at least on a weekly basis in whichever way you deem suitable. This can be with warm milk, tea, latte or even taking a teaspoon of Turmeric powder directly. Note that taking Health2all’s Turmeric powder will always be beneficial for you and it does not matter in which manner which you consume it.

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