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Turmeric Powder Blend (Turmeric 4You)

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This subscription is perfect for 1 person, as a 330g Container can last up to 3 months – using as directed, but obviously less when using in your cooking as a seasoning.


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Take between 1-3 teaspoons of Turmeric Powder Blend (Turmeric 4You) per day for the first 5-10 days. As condition improves decrease to 1 or 2 teaspoon Monday – Friday.  (Take Saturday & Sunday off). Most people report great results at this dosage.

Best Times To Take Turmeric Powder Blend (Turmeric 4You):
At breakfast time, mixed or sprinkled with your food or in a drink of your choice. Also helpful for a good nights sleep, mix half a teaspoon in cup of warm milk and honey or water, before laying your head to rest. Turmeric Powder Blend (Turmeric 4You) can be mixed with hot or cold water, sparkling mineral water, yoghurt, muesli, porridge, smoothies and blended drinks, take as a herbal tea or with hot milk (golden Latte) Fantastic in pumpkin soup, stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese and curries, etc. 330g Container: Can last up to three months at one teaspoon per day, (Less depending on usage such as: cooking, seasoning etc)

6 reviews for Subscription – Turmeric Powder Blend (Turmeric 4You)

  1. Leonie (verified owner)

    The relief to my knee pain was immediate and it has been great for all other inflammation throughout my body due to Multiple Myeloma ( with God’s help I am winning the battle) . The tumeric helps immensely

  2. Margot Thomas (verified owner)

    It was recommended to me to use for suffering from migraines. It has helped

  3. Geoff Dean (verified owner)

    What a difference in my life the last few years. The absence of knee pain is like night and day. I have had periods of not taking it and the pain soon returns so I know it is the Tumeric4You that is the magic bullet.

  4. Caroline (verified owner)

    Excellent for relief of inflammation, joint stiffness and associated pain. I no longer need to take any other supplements or medication for these problems. Wonderful natural product!

  5. Ruth T (verified owner)

    Has made a huge difference with our arthritis. I no longer have any really painful days. Highly recommend it

  6. Renato Delfatti (verified owner)

    Great product and it has helped me to reduce my joints stiffness and possibly lowering my cholesterol, in conjunction of some adjusted diets. Highly recomand it.

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