How to use Turmeric

How to use Turmeric?

Turmeric is a very essential as well as beneficial herb many people often wonder how to use turmeric? We have known that there are various benefits of using Turmeric. The most obvious advantage of using Turmeric is that it adds flavour as well as colour to our food. The other benefit of using Turmeric is that it is a crucial ingredient giving various health benefits. As far as the health benefits of Turmeric are concerned, they are scientifically proven as well.

Apart from that we know that Turmeric comes with a very crucial ingredient known as Curcumin. This is derived from a compound named as “Curcuminoid”. Now even though it is a chemical found in Turmeric, it is produced naturally by certain plants only so it is still very healthy. Talking briefly about some of the benefits of using Turmeric or Curcumin. We should tell you that it reduces blood pressure also, it is known to reduce blood sugar levels in our body as well. Moreover Curcumin is known to eradicate various diseases as well.

How to use turmeric? You may have heard that people in the ancient times used Turmeric to apply on open wounds. Now you must be thinking that it was silly of them to not use proper medication. However you would be surprised to know that they were actually very clever. This is because Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory in nature. This means it can reduce clotting as well due to the cur cumin compound found in turmeric. Now if you apply Turmeric on your wounds then it helps massively in reducing pain as well as heals the wounds very quickly too.

To add to this you must have heard of people taking Turmeric with warm milk as well? This is because it increases metabolism and also improves digestion. Now Turmeric is also helpful to remove blood clotting in our body so as to reduce blockages and remove the free radicals in the body.

One thing to note is that Turmeric is not just Turmeric it must taken of good quality. First of all you should know that Turmeric powder has about 3% – 5% of Curcumin in it whereas Turmeric extract contains up to 95% of Curcumin. Therefore it is advised to take Turmeric extract or Health2All Turmeric Capsules or Turmeric 4You powder as it is high in curcumin rather than cheap Turmeric powder.

How to use Turmeric? It is also very important that Turmeric powder is blended properly to extract the best benefits out of it. You will therefore be excited to note that Health2All blends the Turmeric powder extremely well in an organic certified laboratory in SE QLD. Health2All Turmeric powder has prepared a blend of Turmeric, MCT Coconut Oil and Black Pepper with a consumption of 2000% or 20 times of its competition. This means that you get the maximum benefits of Turmeric as well as Coconut Oil and Black Pepper.

Also we mentioned earlier about using Turmeric extract rather than Turmeric powder. Therefore, Health2All produces Curcumin extracts as well. Health2All’s Capsules 2Go Curcumin extracts are 100% natural. We advise you to take this extract once a day to get the maximum benefits out of it.

On the other hand, you can get benefits from Turmeric powder as well. For this, you should use Health2All’s Turmeric4You Organic Turmeric powder. This powder should be consumed by you daily for getting the benefits of Turmeric and the Curcumin inside it. So how to use Turmeric powder?  it can be used by you in Juice, water, warm milk or should be added to your meal. If you are adding the Turmeric powder to warm milk, you should add a teaspoon to your milk and consume it daily.

Turmeric Elixir Zap is another great product from Heath2All. We mentioned earlier that increase in metabolism is a proven benefit of Turmeric. Turmeric consumption improves gut health. Turmeric Elixir Zap is rich in probiotics for improving your gut health. Therefore we introduce to you our very own Turmeric Elixir Zap.

This is a product from Health2All which is extremely rich in probiotics. Now you would already know that probiotics is very good in improving health of your gut. This helps in digestion of your body and your appetite will increase as well. To tell you more about Turmeric Elixir Zap, it is an extract which needs to be taken in small portions. Our Turmeric Elixir Zap should be taken 10mls per day only and not any more than that. Therefore, Turmeric is a proven herb for health benefits and it definitely gives results if consumed properly.

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