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Turmeric Face Masks – Easy make at home recipe

Turmeric contains natural properties which can make your skin glow so why not use Turmeric Face Masks.

Turmeric contains antioxidants and is known for it’s anti-inflammatory component curcumin. These characteristics may provide your skin to bring out it’s natural glow. Where can you buy turmeric face masks you ask? why not make one in your kitchen it is simple. Take 1 teaspoon of your Turmeric4You powder blend. 1 teaspoon of natural honey. 1 teaspoon of natural yoghurt. Mix the 3 ingredients together until combined.

Once you have made the Turmeric4You face mask it is time to prepare yourself to apply the turmeric blend face mask. First step is to put on an old shirt. (as turmeric likes to stain). Second step simply wash your face with warm running water. (remove any make up you have have on). Thirdly apply the turmeric mask evenly over your face. (wash your hands and pull out your favourite book then you wait for the mask to dry). This can take up to 20 mins. Fourth step is to wash the mask off with cool water. Once the mask has been removed pat your face dry gently with a cloth. Fifth step is to put on your favourite outfit and enjoy your newly rejuvenated face. You can apply the turmeric face mask every few days until you reach your desired needs.

Turmeric may also assist with

Not only does turmeric make for a great face mask it may also assist to heal wounds, psoriasis flair ups, reduce acne and other various dermatological conditions. To make your first batch of Turmeric4You face mask simply visit our online store and purchase a tub of Turmeric4You powder. You can also add the organic turmeric powder blend to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge, water or even season your food with it. Turmeric4You powder blend is very versatile.

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