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Best Turmeric in the World

Turmeric has always been one of the herbs which comes to mind whenever we want to cure some illness or wound. Turmeric is also used when we want to add colour as well as flavour to our food. Moreover people are nowadays adding Turmeric to their tea, latte or even mix it with warm milk every single day. Now we also know that Turmeric is a herb which consists of a compound called Curcumin. It was derived from a chemical called Curcuminoid which is naturally produced inside plants. But where does the best Turmeric come from in the world?

Thus you should always check the quality of Turmeric that you are taking in order to get the maximum benefits of the herb. There have been many reports recently where the quality of Turmeric was not up to the mark and people have caught up side effects due to this reason. Therefore the things you should check are the manufacturing date and see if it has not expired. Also you should check the Curcumin levels and also the fact that Turmeric should be mixed with pepper and oil to extract the maximum benefits out of it.

As far as the Best Turmeric in the world is concerned it is also important to see where the Turmeric is imported from. Now you would know that the use of Turmeric derived from Asian countries specifically India. Therefore it is obvious that Turmeric found in India would be good as well. Yes it is exactly the case and the best turmeric in the world is found in India. There is a state in South of India named as Kerala where you can find the best turmeric in the world. Also it is to be noted that the Turmeric in Kerala is grown by taking personal care. Along with that it is 100% organic and no preservatives are added to the Turmeric imported from Kerala.

Now the reason behind using the best turmeric has already been discussed above. Also you known that Kerala in India is where you should go to buy the best turmeric in the world. But you would also want to know the reason why Kerala India has the best turmeric in the world? The reason behind this is the soil in Kerala where the Turmeric plantations are grown. This soil is believed to be the best in the entire world which is very rich in nutrition. Therefore all the things that a Turmeric plant wants are present inside the soil itself. Moreover the farmers take proper care of their Turmeric plantation as well. One more thing that is helpful in Turmeric plantation of Kerala is the weather.

If you are unaware about the weather conditions around the world, we should inform you that South of India receives the heaviest rainfall in India. Also, there is a place in South India where rainfall takes place more than 90% in a year. Coming back to Kerala it is the south most state of India and it is the state which receives maximum rainfall in India. Therefore the conditions are suitable for Turmeric plantation.

Along with that we should once again remind you that the most important ingredient in Turmeric is the presence of Curcumin inside it. Thus you would have guessed it already that the higher the levels of Curcumin inside Turmeric the better is the quality of Turmeric. In terms of Curcumin levels inside Turmeric it is said that 100 grams of Turmeric powder contains about 5 grams of Curcumin whereas the amount of Curcumin is significantly higher in the Turmeric extracts.

Similarly we are glad to mention that the Turmeric which is found in Kerala and known to be the best in the world has the maximum amount of Curcumin found in any type of Turmeric. Also you would now know the reason why it is believed to be the best turmeric in the world. In India and specifically in Kerala the turmeric which is produced is also called as “Indian Saffron” because of the colour as well as its benefits. Turmeric is also used in most of the Ayurveda medicines.

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