Reasons to use turmeric

5 reasons to use Turmeric

Turmeric is basically an ancient herb and people in India have been taking it for decades. However, we have now come to realise about the importance of consuming it. Basically it is an extremely beneficial herb for our body and it gives various health benefits too. If you want to convince yourself to use Turmeric in your day-to-day life, we have put up a list of 5 reasons to use Turmeric.

1 Reason to use Turmeric, Antiinflammatory

One of the first health benefits of Turmeric is that it is naturally anti-inflammatory. This property of Turmeric is thanks to Curcumin which is present inside turmeric and Curcumin is known to have very good anti-inflammatory properties. This property of Turmeric helps you to reduce inflammation, pain or stiffness in case you have any wounds or injury.

Now, one of the benefits of it being an anti-inflammatory substance is that your pain, stiffness or inflammation can be reduced without taking any other medications or steroids or pain killers. Also inflammation is believed to be one of the major reasons of obesity or fat accumulation in our body. As Turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature, it also helps in weight loss

2 Reasons to use Turmeric, Antioxidant

Turmeric is antioxidant in nature which is also beneficial in regards to health. The benefits of ant oxidation are immense and the best benefit among it is that Turmeric can be used for people who have high blood pressure to reduce oxidation from the blood. Antioxidants can be basically thought of as the opposite of free radicals. As we know that free radicals in excess are not good for health, the excess of antioxidants in our body are very good for health.

Therefore, taking turmeric will help increase antioxidants in our body which will then fight with free radicals and kill them so we should increase them more and more in our body.

3 Reasons to use Turmeric, Alkalises your body

Turmeric also helps in alkalising the body. What this means is basically you need to balance the pH levels inside your body and also reduce the acidity levels of your body. We are seeing more and more cases of people affected with Acidity levels increasing and we are glad to inform you that taking Turmeric reduces acidity inside your body.

The process of Alkalisation is actually very necessary for our body as well. There are various acids that must have gathered in our body by taking fatty acids as well as other things. However, all of them doesn’t necessarily come out and gets accumulated over time. This may lead to fat getting deposited in the body and cause obesity or inflammation. Therefore Turmeric helps in cleansing the internals of our stomach and helps in reducing the acids inside our body which are unwanted.

4 Reasons to use Turmeric, Lowers cholesterol

Turmeric is known to be very good for heart patients due to the fact that it lowers the level of cholesterol in our body. You might have already read that Turmeric lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure level of our body. This way, the cholesterol levels are also reduced in the body. Therefore the patients who are having cholesterol problems should definitely take Turmeric daily. For others Turmeric should be taken to maintain the cholesterol levels as the increase of it may lead to several diseases in our body such as hyper-tension, blood pressure and depression among many more.

5 Reasons to use Turmeric, Kills free radicals

During the process of metabolism, oxygen splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. After that, electrons pair with other unpaired electrons and other electrons go in search of unpaired electrons known as free radicals. Free radicals are basically the by-products of various reactions chemically happening in our body which are due to natural processes or otherwise. Free radicals are not totally bad but they are bad when the amount of free radicals increase in our body.

Free radicals are responsible for our immune system as well as for converting food to energy needed by our body. This means that whenever the free radicals increases then our immune system doesn’t work well, the food doesn’t get converted into energy which then turns into fat. For this reason, Turmeric consumption is necessary which kills free radicals which are in excess and maintains the balance of our body and its systems.

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