Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder Blends ?

Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder Blends

Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder blends

Today I was asked turmeric capsules vs turmeric powder blends. While I was selling our products. At the famous Eumundi Markets. Based on the Sunshine Coast. I was asked Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder Blends? At first the question through me. So I asked the lovely customer what it was they wanted to know. They relied with I was told by another company that turmeric capsules do not work. My reply was simple of course turmeric capsules can give you the benefits of turmeric. I mean why would we sell a product that can’t provide benefits. Our doors would shut in no time.

Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder blends

So for Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder blends. Obviously I can only quote on our turmeric capsules and turmeric powder blend. It does not matter how the turmeric powder is delivered. It all comes down to bio availability. This is how much on the turmeric can be absorbed. With our Turmeric2Go capsules we have encased them using Hypromellose.(vegetable capsule shell). Hypromellose vegetable capsule shell are easily broken down in your gut. This gives our turmeric capsules optimum absorption. Each capsule contains: Curcuma Longa Root extract equiv to dry turmeric 13grams (13000mg). equiv Curcuminoids 190mg with up to 20 times bio-availability of Curcuminoids 3.8g (3800mg). Piper Nigrum / Black Pepper fruit extract 10mg. Bio availability depends on what the turmeric is blended with. Turmeric2Go and Turmeric4You Powder Blend are both blended to increase the bio availability by 2000%.

So Turmeric Capsules Vs Turmeric Powder blends?

It comes down to the individual. The added antioxidants in the Turmeric4You Powder Blend is a great reason to use the turmeric powder blend. Although some people can’t come at the earthy taste. So the capsules are the best way to get the benefits of turmeric without the taste. If you are not one for capsule be sure to check out Fermented Turmeric Elixir Zap. It has a great taste with the benefits of turmeric.

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