Hemp Seed Protein Powder (Vanilla)

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750 g of Hemp Protein Powder – Vanilla Flavour

This Unique Superfood possesses 20 amino acids, including all the 9 essential amino acids that ones body is unable to produce naturally and must be obtained from dietary sources.

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Hemp Protein Smoothie Blend

Hemp Protein Smoothie Blend

Our Unique Superfood Protein formula made from Australian grown ingredients, hemp seed protein powder is a great natural source of vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene and rich in protein, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates.


Add 1-3 scoops of Hemp Seed Protein Powder into 250ml of your choice of milk: cow, goat, coconut, almond, soy etc, or add to your favourite daily cereal or smoothie! blend at high speed for 60-90 seconds. Add ice or chill and enjoy for a healthy Boost!

“Delicious – Make it your daily ritual


Hulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Organic Cacao Powder, Hemp Seeds Bran, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder. (free of: pesticides, preservatives, colourings or additives)

The seed of the Hemp plant has a number of remarkable qualities. It is an excellent source of oil that is very high in healthy unsaturated fats such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 in the perfect balance for the human body.

Hemp plants remove more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than trees, and use less water than other crops.

Hemp is pest and weed resistant, so it doesn’t require pesticides.

(Using natural products whenever possible is better for your health, your family and the environment)

5 reviews for Hemp Seed Protein Powder (Vanilla)

  1. Lee (verified owner)

    Great protein & fibre supplement, good to take with Tumeric Blend powder to improve that taste!

  2. Lee (verified owner)

    A great source of protein and fibre for me, plus all the other goodies for my health! I add a big teaspoon of this into my breakfast muesli, with almond milk, berries and yoghurt.

  3. Danielle (verified owner)

    Love the taste in my smoothie

  4. Robyn (verified owner)

    Love the taste & is very satisfying.

  5. Deb McCarthy (verified owner)

    Much better than most protein powders .

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