Australian Manuka Honey 500g


Have you tried Health2all’s Premium Raw Manuka Honey 500+ MGO?

Not only has our Premium Raw Manuka Honey have a unique texture and taste… It also has healing properties!

Our raw Honey comes from the highly fertile regions of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland where the flora invites natural pollination.

The health benefits for Manuka honey have been widely documented throughout the world with numerous scientific studies showing that Manuka honey kills superbugs and stimulates wound healing.

Here at Health2all we have derived a Raw Manuka Honey 500+ MGO which has high antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and nutritional properties making it the best choice for you and your family.

Here are just few of many uses for Manuka honey to help your bodies recovery:

Improves sleep
Helps the digestive tract
Wound healing
Combats staph infections (MRSA)
Cough relief
Protection against ulcers
Helps with sore throat and boosts immunity
Oral health

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Did you know Australia is the original home of Manuka Honey in the southern hemisphere…

The European Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera) was introduced to the Australian mainland in the 1800’s by the colonial settlers to pollinate their crops. Today, these bees are still extraordinarily useful as they help to produce some of the world’s finest medical honey from Australia’s native Manuka Bush.

Australia’s native Manuka Bush belongs to the Myrtle family (Myrataceae) You may also know it as the Broom Tree, TeaTree, Candy Pink TeaTree & Red TeaTree. Right here in SE Qld & Northern NSW, the Jelly Bush grows which is also known to produce high-strength, medical honey.

Australia’s Manuka honey is more potent than standard honey due to its high compound dihydroxyacetone, from which MGO (methylglyoxal) is derived, making it perfect for its healing properties.

Our premium raw honey MGO is graded at 500+ “so that it can be used for medical purposes and daily use.

Please note: *This is the highest strength recommended for long-term internal use.

Manuka makes effective home health remedies… It’s a must to have in your medicine cabinet or in your kitchen cupboard as the properties of Manuka Honey make it Antibacterial and bacterial resistant.

Did you also know that…

Propolis produced from bees is the most powerful “natural antibiotic” and that it is also good for your bones. Whilst conventional antibiotics have played an important role in mainstream medicine, they have been over-prescribed & over-used over many decades. Thus wreaking havoc on our body’s natural gut flora, the necessary bacteria that our body processes including the synthesis of bone building vitamins & minerals.

  • Honey is good for the brain! It can improve brain health & mental function. It also has mood-boosting & anti-anxiety properties. It is full of antioxidants & nutrients that help keep the neurons alive in our brain.
  • Research shows Manuka honey inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria that can cause gingivitis and tooth decay.

What else is our Raw Manuka Bush Honey good for?

  • Mid strength Manuka is used as an active ingredient in therapeutic products
  • Home remedy “natural Antibiotic!
  • Skin care, Acne, Eczema, Blemishes, etc
  • Minor cuts, Scrapes, Wound infections
  • Sore & inflamed throat
  • Digestive tract
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Immune boosting & energy
  • Nature’s Germ-fighter
  • Assisting your fur babies, pets, horses and animals for recovery of ulcers and wounds

How to use:

Spread over problem area. Leave on for several hours (cover if needed) and then wash off.

Take a “full teaspoon orally. Can be consumed once or alternatively several times daily.

Add a “full teaspoon to a small glass of hot water (not boiling). Mix in a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar (with the Mother) A pleasant drink for some but not for others!


Manuka honey is generally safe to consume for most people! However, if you are pregnant, allergic to other honeys, bees, pollen or have diabetes consult with your health practitioner.

*Raw honey should never be given to children under 12 months of age as it could cause “Botulism.

(It is prohibited to freight or carry Manuka Honey into Western Australia or Kangaroo Island)